Grin Natural Mint Dental Floss - 30M




We make it easy to take great care of your teeth and gums whilst caring for the environment with the new Grin Natural Mint Dental Floss! It's made from a luxurious, resilient material that doesn’t tear or shred easily, is naturally flavoured with mint oil, and comes in a biodegradable dispenser and packaging.

- Premium luxurious floss: made from PTFE which is resistant from tearing/threading (a common issue with silk and PLA floss).
- Natural mint flavour: no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.- Biodegradable Dispenser and Packaging: made from PLA and Corn-starch.  - Supported by Grin Recycling Program: once the floss is finished, you can send the dispenser and packaging back to Grin, where it will be commercially composted.
Directions for use: For best results, use at least twice daily after meals.

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