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A juice cleanse is a great way to reset your eating habits, provide a detoxifying cleanse and give your digestive system a break from consuming processed foods.

We offer 3 day juices cleanse packages consisting of tonics, juices, nut milk and a detox tea. These are taken throughout the day for 3 days in a row. Everything you require to complete the cleanse is provided. Make sure to drink plenty of water during the cleanse.

Forage Juices are cold-pressed which means it keeps intact more vitamins and minerals than other juices. 

  • We hope you feel lighter, more energised and a sense of rejuvenation after this cleanse. It also helps to promote healthier food choices and demonstrates how foods impact your body and your sense of wellbeing. It also enhances a deeper respect and appreciation of your body and its miracle systems of digestion, elimination and energy production.

  • When to cleanse? Spring is the best time to cleanse as we are coming out of ‘winter hibernation’. There are ample amounts of fresh produce to make juices, full of abundant nutrients needed to detoxify the body and restore and replace old stagnant energy stored over the cooler months.

  • Because you are not consuming as many calories and energy due to only consuming juices you will experience a reduction in energy levels.

  • Be kind to yourself during this time, take it slower than usual, set aside time for reflection, it’s a good time for that wardrobe clean.

  • Please refrain from intense exercise such as cardio (running, biking), strenuous weights, HIIT workouts, crossfit etc. as this will only make you feel worse and take away much needed energy required for everyday living.

  • If the cleanse becomes too intense and your hunger becomes disruptive then please feel free to add in a light green salad or smoothie during the day-time.

  • You may experience the following symptoms due to the detoxification process your body will be under-going; headaches, brain-fog, nausea, diarrhoea. This usually passes as part of the detoxification process however if at any time during the cleanse you feel significantly unwell then please consult with a medical practitioner.

Here is a list of the juices included in the cleanse:

  • Immunity - circulation, anti-inflammatory, immunity

Carrot, orange, turmeric, ginger, black pepper

  • Detoxify – digestion, anti-inflammatory, deep healing

Lemon juice, pineapple, celery, cucumber, spinach, basil, kale

  • Revive – anti-inflammatory, regulates blood pressure, joint health

Cucumber, pear, ginger, lemon

  • Strengthen – muscle recovery, oxygenation, endurance

Beetroot, cucumber, green apple, lemon juice

  • Replenish – metabolic, electrolytes, nerve calming

Celery, green apple, coriander, lemon juice

  • Glow – skin rejuvenation, hormone balance, circulation

Carrot, kumara, lemon juice, cinnamon

  • Balance – elimination, protein, bone health

Filtered water, soaked almonds, soaked cashews, dates, coconut butter, vanilla bean powder, Himalayan salt, chai blend, chia seeds


Forage Juices must be kept refrigerated until consumption, and please discard any juices not consumed following the best before date. Because the products are raw and unpasteurised they are not recommended for individuals with a compromised immune system. Please speak with your Health Care Professional before undergoing any juice cleanse. We recommend talking to your Health Care Professional about the consumption of the Charcoal Tonic if you are on any medication.

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